Brand Creation: Dibble

Plant-based food isn’t just for vegans. That’s the premise of Dibble – a sustainable, animal product free range of condiments from Sydney. 

I was approached by Dibble to create a brand identity and subsequent packaging, website and marketing collateral.

The brand

The name Dibble is derived from a small hand tool used by farmers to sow seeds. And so from this name the brand grew.


Plants and leaves were the source of inspiration for the logo and supporting graphics. The challenge was to use them in a way that was unexpected and that seamlessly tied into the brand name. Experimenting with the shapes lead to the solution of the ‘D’ insignia. This mark lent itself well to the application of tonal shades of green and expanded neatly into the full logo to say ‘Dibble’.

The foundation that the logo provided lead to the creation of a repeat pattern that features on the business cards (with mint foil … swoon!) as well as a way to display the company URL in a branded fashion. Each of these secondary marks functions as mini logos in their own right. This is the point at which you begin to form a brand.


The first order of business was to create a label design for the Eco Mayo that would immediately impart a sense of the quality of the product and that it was plant-based. The core brand palette, logo and secondary marks and clean typography came together to package a premium product.

Digital presence

Dibble is a start-up business and the owner required a website that could be maintained without the need for a developer. It was decided that a Squarespace website would provide the best platform on which to establish the digital presence. Using the library of visual assets created at the brand creation stage, the site came together quickly. The site also benefited immensely from bespoke copywriting in a considered tone of voice.


On the digital front, a simple Mailchimp newsletter template was used to create an email marketing campaign that allowed Dibble to maintain a dialogue with its customers.

Because Dibble also follows a traditional wholesale retail model, printed collateral was a must. A flyer and shelf wobbler were created to keep customers informed about the range and encourage them to try. 

A note from the client 

Emma Fawcett