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Rebrand: YourSkin Clinic



A cosmetic treatment clinic that is run by doctors is rare. YourSkin Clinic offers its Sydney clientele just that – medical experience and aesthetic expertise.

YourSkin Clinic discussed their need for a new website with me. It became apparent that to create a new site with the existing dated branding wasn’t a good use of resources. It was decided that a re-brand would also be undertaken as part of the exercise to maximise ROI.





Concept creation

I developed the design strategy around the concept of a bespoke approach to beauty. I knew that the face was the visual cue around which we could quickly communicate to prospective clients that this was a place they could take care of their skin. To create further meaning behind the design, a hand-drawn style was used to create the logo and other visual elements, suggestive of a human touch.

Developing the visual language

Secondary icons, the tagline and supporting graphics were informed by the styling of the face motif in the logo. The flexible colour palette of purple, navy and peach allowed the identity to roll out in a playful way.


the YOURSKIN CLINIC visual language



ESTABLISHING the digital presence

The website was created as the first piece of branded collateral. Significant CSS customisation was made to a standard Squarespace template to achieve the desired layout. The use of the icons, painted text underlines and investment in good quality stock imagery allowed the design to transcend the templated style.

Visit the YourSkin Clinic site


Social media is a key part of the clinic’s marketing mix. A series of typographic templates were created so that the brand could be reinforced on Instagram. Printed material was created to inform clients of new services and offer discounts. 




The new branding attracted several Sydney social media influencers to contact the clinic in proposal of partnership, which in turn provided huge exposure for the clinic in the digital space.


The creation of a ‘bring a friend’ campaign focused on printed vouchers saw an increase in appointment bookings.


A note from the client

“Emma re invented our website and logo which was overdue for a revamp. She worked very closely with us to be able to understand our business better. What I liked about working with Emma was that when she presented her work to us she always gave us a few different ideas to choose from. She is very easy going to work with and easy to communicate. She organised everything for our beauty clinic, from website, logo, content and pamphlets. I can highly recommend Emma.”

Anna Scott, Owner, YourSkin Clinic