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Brand progression: Crunch



Crunch is at the top of its game in the survey analytics field. The brand had outgrown its existing logo and required a brand progression excercise, whereby the core values were retained but the look was updated.





what to keep, what to change

The existing logo displayed round shapes and a strong brand palette of blue, green and purple. It was decided that these key ideas would stay but the typography would be updated. It was also preferred that an icon be developed so that the logo could function at a small space within its digital product.

creating an icon with meaning

The ‘C’ shaped icon in the Crunch logo is inspired by the notion that Crunch ‘liberates data’. The bars that feature in the histograms present in its digital product were taken and twisted together to form the three segments of the ‘C’. Experimentation with finishes determined that a gradient shadow that gave a 3 dimensional appearance reinforced the idea that the icon was the bars of a graph intertwining.


the crunch logo progression



a bespoke website

The typographic styling was expanded to integrate more typefaces. This created a way to present the complex information on the Crunch website in a simple manner. The site was custom-coded with no use of a template to ensure a unique outcome.

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Because the brand progression had considered key elements to retain such as the core colour palette, the updated logo slotted seamlessly in to the existing digital product. Minor tweaks were made to the typography and the refreshed brand was ready to be displayed to the world.