The fastest way to make more money


I often get asked about how to become self employed or generate extra money and other career advice (I have no idea why, until I started working for myself, my career was nothing short of a disaster!). 

If I can offer one pearl of wisdom to this end, it's this: learn to code.

Skill with the language of computers is one of – if not the most – bankable skill in the world today.

I say this with some hypocrisy, given that I have very limited knowledge of HTML and CSS. I do however, have constant work for people with that skillset so I can attest to the demand (any developers, hit me up, I am always on the look out for new people to bring my designs to reality!)

The great thing about coding is that you do not need natural talent, all that is required is patience and a willingness to learn. If you do discover that you have an aptitude for it and can code creatively, with experimental and inquisitive flair then your earning potential is limitless.

And for the ladies out there who consider coding to be a 'boys job', would you rethink your stance if I told you that 1 full day of work could buy you a pair of Aquazzuras?

If you're interested here are some links to get you started:

Codeacademy, has a great community feel.

I am a huge fan of Udemy, there are courses on practically anything. Including a huge selection on coding. I like to have at least one Udemy course on the go at any time. Some people read ... I take courses online.

W3Schools. Whenever I am crudely coding something myself, this site is my go to for testing what I’m doing and checking that I’ve written things correctly.

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