We are who we follow

It seems we are all following the example set by a carefully curated group of role models whose message we choose to absorb. Here is my inner circle (even if they don't even know it).

Seth Godin

Godin is to freelancers what Beyonce is to humankind. I subscribe to his blog and watch him in various video lectures that dot the internet. His message is one of relentless professional development, which combined with his distinctive manner is akin to having an overbearing internet parent always telling you to do your homework. 

Sophia Amoruso

Aside from her tale of legendary online retail success Nasty Gal, her Instagram feed is nothing short of hilarious. Her book ‘#GIRLBOSS’, really drove home the importance of being financially independent and responsible – a crucial aspect of freelancing.

Fabio Ongarato

Eight years ago, after discovering Ongarato was behind the brand identity for my then favourite frozen yoghurt shop ‘Igloo Zoo’ I started to follow his work. Since then I can remember creating a pitch document on a tight deadline that referenced his identity for Grill’d Burgers a little more closely than I would care to admit. More recently his work for Mecca Cosmetica has caught my attention.


Any designer worth their Behance Prosite membership fee knows of Anagrama, the Mexico City based design agency. The work is industry leading, making their folio my first port of call if I am ever lacking inspiration.

This is not to say I am a picture of pious professional commitment. I’m not immune to a spot of Kardashian-Jenner entertainment or the lols provided by Lena Dunham, they just don’t (thank god) affect my work.