Today I saw the new Apple Watch advertorial print feature that was in a magazine I was reading. Having absolutely no interest in the Apple Watch, I skimmed over the pages but not before one thing caught my eye. There is an Apple Watch in a colour option called Rose Grey.

It's amazing.

My lack of desire for the watch remains unchanged but I am now enamoured by 'rose grey'. Sure, there are warm greys aplenty but next to the distinct peachy-ness of the Apple rose grey they seem lacklustre. 

I created a mood board for my new favourite hue, although true to Apple's knack for innovation, it's hard to find anything else that is quite the right shade.

Clockwise from top left: 01. Apple Watch in Rose Gold and Rose Grey; 02. Grey Pearl Rose (my new favourite flower!); 03. Driftwood; 04. Haider Ackermann silk trousers; 05. Tonal paints; 06; Meli Melo Thela bag in Taupe (I already own this in tan, is it justifiable to have two?!); 07. Haider Ackermann silk blouse; 08. Missguided curve hem dress

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